Mutual Loans - Cash Loans designed especially for you
Get cash advance up to 1000 for any purpose. Choose a repayment option that suits your budget.
Now you can get customized loan offers within minutes and with minimum fuss. Mutual loans can help you reach out to the lenders offering competitive rates and flexible repayment terms for cash loans up to £1000. We are affiliated with a panel of fastest paying lenders in the UK. So you can get the benefit of reaching out to multiple lenders in one go. Just fill your complete and correct information into the application form and relax! You can receive multiple quotations from these lenders via phone or email.
When you receive your cash loan amount, just be careful about how you spend it. Try to save some amount for repayment. Pay off your loan on time to build a healthy relationship with your lender. Next time when you need cash help, you could be offered a bigger loan amount at competitive rates & much flexible terms. If in case you find it difficult to arrange funds for repayment, inform the lender before skipping payment on due date. Your lender might reschedule the loan repayment to provide you more time for arranging the funds.
There could be some additional charges for rescheduling the loan repayment but you can negotiate with the lender to keep the deal affordable. Some lenders might also charge interest rate for extended period of loan, but this is always better than the penalty you may have to pay in case of miss payments. The lender reserves the right to impose a penalty and contact collection service agencies to recover their loan amount.
Implications of Non-Payment
Mutual Loans can help you apply for short term loans and not for long term instalment loans. It is important that you acknowledge the fact that these loans are temporary solutions to your urgent cash needs. You could be offered a period of 2-4 weeks to return the loan amount. You must borrow these loans only if you believe that you can afford to make repayments on time. If you are not expecting your financial circumstances to get better in near future, then you must avoid taking these loans. Because, if you fail to make timely repayments, you might get trapped into bigger unaffordable money problems.
Lenders reserve the right to charge a penalty or additional interest rate for every miss & late payment. If delayed further, a loan default can also be entered into your credit register, which can hurt your credit score and decrease the possibilities of loan approval in the future.
Understanding and planning your loan
It is easy to get extra cash until your but getting a best deal can be very tricky. Be careful while selecting your loan offer. Mutual loans suggest that your must review all the loan quotations carefully to understand all the terms and conditions. Compare all your options before selecting a proposal.
Start with your budget planning, know how much you can afford to pay for loan
Ask the lenders for best APR offers and choose the best deal
Select a repayment structure/amount that matches with your monthly budget
Choose a loan due date & loan period that helps you in making timely repayment
Check if the lender charges any prepayment or late payment penalty
Do ask the lender for loan extension and roll over options
Carefully check that there are no additional fees or hidden charges
Apply now at Mutual to get quick cash loans without any trouble and cover your urgent expenses right on time.

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