Mutual Loans
Small cash assistance so that you can put an end to your day to day needs till the time of you get your next month’s salary.
In case you are facing similar kind of a trouble then you can apply at , through a process of this quick and easy so that you can get the answers to all your needs till the time you receive your following salary cheque. We try to make sure that we gather loans at rates of interest that is not a burden on your pocket which are lower than the rates on which typically payday loans are provided at. Thus, applying through us at Mutual Loans will help you in saving your money and time so that you are able to maintain a proper financial status. In addition to this, the cash which will get to you will be depending on your settlement capacity as well as what you earn every month.
Main features are as follows:
The amount that you can gain can go up to 500 pounds. The cash will be provided to you according to your own want. In this manner it becomes extremely easy for you to settle all your short-term needs which may be urgent in nature.
The rates of interest as well as Annual Percentage Rate that is APR are lower.
You get affordable repayment options which suits you better with flexible duration of settlement (Repay weekly etc). In most of the cases, the duration is one month but if there is need then after taking an approval from the lender, you get this duration extended as well.
No penalty on late payments.
No penalty on early repayment.
Minimum paperwork trouble.
Easy and quick online mode of applying.
The amount which the borrower at the most avail through mutual loans is the range of 500 pounds. The span of repayment is one month that can be rolled over but taking permission from the lender is necessary.
It is no more a difficult thing to get an approval for the extra money that you are going to need but the lending institutions have pre-set some eligibility conditions which are necessary for any applicant to meet. They are as follows:
the borrower must be a citizen of the country,
he should be of or above 18 years of age,
he must be in possession of a bank account that has to be at least 3 months old,
he must be working with an organization for at least 6 months and be earning at least 1000 pounds per month.
He must have an active mobile phone number which is registered of its own.
The person who is working as a govt. employee or have more than 10 year exp in any of the work field will get extra benefits.
The process of applying is for sure the easiest one where you only need to fill an online application form. Lender will ask for genuine personal information of you so we would like to request you to submit actual information according to the application field. After you are going to get an approval for the money in the process of verification, you may get an confirmation messages to your mobile phone for final verification. After you are going to get an approval for the money in the process of verification the money will be getting directly wired into your bank account. Meanwhile, the paperwork also becomes very little due to online dealing.
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